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Mary Ann

[this is good] What fantastic news. As I read your story I was bracing for something I did not want to hear. I love the news. It has made my day. I think of you often and you are always in my prayers.
love Mary Ann


I'm calling you since your mutation has rendered you mute of late!

Helga Haller

I was holding my breath, but now I can come up for air.  Good news indeed.  You're so brave, but you must have been terrified.  I can't even imagine how you cope, but you do and so do friends and family members who are undergoing chemo.  You're all my heroes.You are constantly in my thoughts and I don't pray, but I believe that your strong constitution and determination will pull you through.Love, Helgaand fond regards and good wishes from Frank


[c’est top] ~ you my sexy chi-chi mutant ninja girlfriend forever ~ 


Evolution can be a beautiful thing.  You are a perfect example!

love, kaky


[ciò è buono] Who gnu you were an Asian smoker in disguise?


[this is good] wow, i LOVE a story with a positive ending. and i LOVE mutants. that is such excellent news. it's very cool to find another cancer survivor in Portland! love love love and gratitude

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