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[isto é bom] As one who has lived through the agony of waiting and the crazy skull cinema that your head does to you during that period, I'm thinking I like that Dr. Soo, but not nearly as much as I like/love the results of your scan!

So bring on the sun baby. I'm going to be there soon!


[c’est top]


[c’est top] I'm reminded of an old Barry Manilow song (I can't believe I'm publicly admitting I ever listened to Barry Manilow), "I Made it Through the Rain." Some sun obviously has been getting through those clouds.

By the way, straight vodka has fewer calories than a martini!

Julia Pepper

I Love this so much!!!!Thank you Betsy, you made my day.Also makes me want to have a martini tonight,and I don't even drink martinis!Come back to visit us soon.xoxoxoJulia

Jean Klein

Hi Betsy, Yippie!  I am so glad to hear this news and sorry to have missed the martini celebration. Sometimes those over indulgent celebrations are soooo worth it. Big hugs and kisses to you.Jean :)


That was fantastic ( you are too ) xoxo

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