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Rheatha Forster

So now we know how Kim Novak really felt up in that church tower.

I heard a radio interview with her recently where she lambasted Martin Scorcese for using parts of the "Vertigo" score in "Hugo." The composer is credited, but she thinks the music should only be used in the context for which it was composed - the movie. Did you recognize the music? She said it brings her back to the scene, and gives her vertigo every time she hears it.

Linda Ilsley

Darling Bee,

Not that you're NOT special, but I know a number of folks who have had vertigo and after suffering with it for a few months or so it has not returned. Most unnerving, though, I'm sure. We're past time to chat so we'll do that soon, but vertigo aside, it's wonderful to have you back in the blogosphere. L xoxo

Katherine McGuire

It's great to have you writing again!
Love, Kathy

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